Tips to Create a Unique Company Culture

The employer brand may appear alluring at first, but it’s simple to identify its four useful features. This article, which includes 8 employment elements to double your happiness, will assist you in understanding the first aspect of employer brand evaluation as an expert in employer branding. Employee perks include things like workspace, work-life balance, job security, learning opportunities, interest, challenge, and autonomy.

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The workplace is one of the most significant things that job searchers take into consideration and value, according to numerous surveys.

Is it convenient to commute? Exist any choices for public transportation (bus, subway)? The business is situated in a somewhat remote area. There are also transit services and employee dormitories.

Companies may attract talent they previously couldn’t reach and reward job applicants by allowing remote work a few days a week.

For instance, People’s Bank provides a card with job search features. During peak hours, job seekers can select the time when positions are available.

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Work Environment

Employees spend more time at the office in a more comfortable setting. In an effort to draw and keep talent, more businesses are making an effort to improve the working environment.

1. Interior design for rooms and offices (integrating design with company culture and ideas, creating more open space, etc.)

2. Office supplies (e.g., standing desks, Mac or PC options, comfortable office chairs)

3. Free meals or little snacks

4. Waitstaff at restaurants

5. A massage

6. Dry Cleaning

7. Maintain proper personal hygiene

In the workplace, workers focus day and night. Employees spend more time in the office and are therefore more productive and creative when they work in a more pleasant setting.

Various businesses have varied requirements, and depending on the industry and needs, conventional industries may not always need open offices. These days, communal workspaces like JustCo and WeWork exist. Why not give these offices some thought as one of your possibilities given their great settings and locations?

Tips to Create a Unique Company Culture

Work-Life Balance

Both human resources professionals and job seekers will find this area interesting. Because having a difficult work directly results in a bad internet reputation, which makes it harder to discover and keep talent. These days, job searchers are spoiled for choice and are gravitating toward positions that offer a healthy work-life balance.

Many businesses encourage work-life balance in an effort to draw in new hires and improve retention rates, all while trying to raise employee engagement.

According to surveys, when it comes to job searching, Generation Z (those born after 1995) emphasizes work-life balance. Ultimately, life is about more than just job. As more members of Generation Z join the workforce, this becomes more and more crucial.

Support from the employer is especially important because many employees have family members who are elderly and require care at home, or who have children of varying ages. Work, family, and health are the three main pillars of work-life balance.

Flexible work schedules, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), family days, health enhancement, the prevention of workplace bullying, and a variety of communication channels are a few examples of targeted initiatives.

Tips to Create a Unique Company Culture

Job Security

The ability of workers to hold onto their responsibilities, places, and pay is a straightforward description. Employers are not allowed to arbitrarily fire or terminate workers or change working conditions at their discretion. For job seekers, both employment stability and work instability are essential.

In exchange for work security, many job seekers may accept lesser compensation. While some jobs pay well but are short-lived, others pay well but are steady throughout time. Stable jobs are a popular choice, in my opinion.

For parents who work, the issue is one of family finances. Stability in the workplace and in one’s job are also necessary conditions. Ultimately, some of you might already have a mortgage, be planning to apply for a loan in the future, or wish to purchase a car. Your loan application may potentially be impacted by job instability.


Founder of the Mary Kay cosmetics brand Mary Kay Ash said that humans crave notoriety and appreciation more than sex or money.

Because they find their work dull, employees might not want to apply for employment or might even want to resign. What may be done to add interest to the work? Youkai Chu offers original and easy-to-implement methods for fostering a happy workplace in her book “1,001 Ways to Reward Employees: Helping Them Achieve Maximum Potential”.

In his book, Bob Nelson makes the case that conventional incentive schemes are no longer effective. According to him, non-cash awards like thank-you notes, complimentary trips, branded merchandise, and making titles work better than monetary compensation. This demonstrates that rewards and recognition can serve as stronger motivators than more conventional ones.


The modern world is evolving quickly. Modern workers now consider lifelong learning, or continuous learning, to be a vital habit. Therefore, talents today greatly respect an employer’s capacity to train new employees and adapt to changing circumstances.

In addition, if staff members stick to outdated methods in the face of the rapidly evolving fields of science and technology, the business risks losing its competitive edge and collapsing. Advanced semiconductors, green energy, electric automobiles, smart healthcare, IoT, 5G, AI, and other emerging technologies have the potential to upend entire sectors.

Many businesses also introduce online learning; some of these corporations are Cathay Financial Holdings, Taiwan New Financial Holdings, Hitachi Asia Pacific, Asus, Trend Micro, China Airlines, and others. These businesses collaborate with Hahow. Due to the difficulty in finding talent, many international business owners also work with online learning platforms like Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. Internal training programs may also play a role.

Finding some possible new hires to train inside will be preferable to searching for experienced staff and then departing. Companies that have mentorship programs in place might also benefit from learning from more seasoned employees or mentors, who can help them become less prejudiced.

Stability and Challenges

Very flexible, and it’s not unfeasible. Chef Jiang Zhencheng, who has a Michelin star, says that achieving this objective is doable on tiptoe.

That’s what workers often aim for. We desire for greater challenges when the work is too stable, but we also hope for stability when the work is frequently quite challenging. Humans tend to be paradoxical.

The corporate competition has been more intense due to the swift evolution of new technology, worldwide waves, and information transparency. If staff members are unwilling to take on new tasks, the business might not survive in the cutthroat market. What difficulties exist?

It could be a task or project that has never been completed before, the introduction of new technologies, the setting of performance targets greater than those set forth in the beginning development, items that were subpar previously, switching across departments and taking on various responsibilities, supervisor roles or promotions, etc.

In order for workers to become more self-assured, reach their full potential, and recognize their own worth, the task is actually like scaling a higher and more challenging mountain than it was previously. Encouraging people to take on difficulties will benefit the company’s ability to compete, employee retention, and career advancement. A template for a questionnaire can be used to find out if workers have difficult thoughts regarding their jobs.


According to John, CEO of Lovagan Clay Company, workers are most productive when given the freedom to solve their own problems.

I think a lot of individuals have financial aspirations while doing what they enjoy. Actually, most people opt to work for themselves and become their own bosses. Thus, out of the eight employment criteria, autonomy is the most crucial.

These days, a lot of businesses use remote work and flexible work schedules. This is due to the fact that allowing workers to work whenever and wherever they choose can boost output. Workers can avoid rush hour traffic and work in a more comfortable setting.

However, if you are careless, it could interfere with employee communication, therefore you need to make the appropriate communication channel choice. Working independently does not equate to autonomy; cooperation and coordination are required.

Because of the nature of the task, some organizations decide against implementing remote work because employees must be present in the office. A salesperson or receptionist, for instance, must be present in the workplace.


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